Distinguished Service & Mentorship Award

The ASMA Scholar Lifetime Achievement Award was an honor bestowed upon a person to recognize a career of continual and significant contributions to the field of sport management. Consistent with ASMA’s mission of building strong connections between scholars studying sport and practitioners working in the sport industry, award recipients were specifically recognized for their efforts to make an impact on policies and practices in sport through research, teaching, and service.

In 2022, the Scholar Lifetime Achievement Award was renamed and repurposed to the Distinguished Service & Mentorship Award. The ASMA Distinguished Service & Mentorship Award recognizes an ASMA member on a yearly basis who has exhibited continued, exemplary service to ASMA, the application of sport management, and/or a dedication to students and mentorship. Specifically, the recipients will have demonstrated these qualities through their association with ASMA.


  • Regular, active attendee of ASMA. This includes research presentations, advising student-led research projects, and advising student-led case study teams.
  • Shown commitment to service to ASMA through reviewing abstracts for the conference and research articles for the Journal of Applied Sport Management.
  • A clear record of extensive work with undergraduate and/or graduate students, especially as an advisor on research articles and presentations.
  • A modest length of service (10+ years in an educator role) is a condition for eligibility for the award.


  1. Nominations (of others or self-nominations) due to ASMA board by the same data as research presentations. Nomination letters should be 2-3 pages. Support letters should explain why nominees are deserving of the award, paying particular attention to their ASMA involvement as well as evidence of their commitment to serving and mentoring undergraduate and/or graduate students. Nomination letters are to be e-mailed to Dr. Matt Robinson, Mrobinson@schreiner.edu
  2. ASMA members meet to identify the finalists. Any member-at-large with a nomination is recused from the finalist selection.
  3. The finalists are voted on by entire ASMA board, with a simple majority being selected as the yearly recipient.
  4. The recipient is notified and invited to give a keynote speech at the conference. A copy of the speech will be published in an issue of the Journal of Applied Sport Management. All travel costs (flights, hotels, and conference registration) are covered by the association.

Distinguished Service & Mentorship Award Recipients:

2022 – Dr. J. Michael Martinez, Louisiana State University

ASMA Scholar Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients:

2020 – Dr. T. Bettina Cornwell, University of Oregon

2019 – Dr. Daniel Rascher, University of San Francisco

2018 – Dr. Damon Andrew, Louisiana State University

2017 – Dr. Andy Gillentine, University of South Carolina

2016 – Dr. Donna Pastore, The Ohio State University

2015 – Dr. Joy T. DeSensi, University of Tennessee

2014 – Dr. Mary A. Hums, University of Louisville

2013 – Dr. David K. Stotlar, University of Northern Colorado

2012 – Dr. William A. Sutton, University of South Florida

2011 – Dr. Janet Parks, Bowling Green State University

2010 – Dr. William F. Stier, Jr., SUNY Brockport

2009 – Dr. Packianathan Chelladurai, The Ohio State University

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