ASMA Research Fellow Award

The ASMA Research Fellow award recognizes scholars who have demonstrated a commitment to ASMA and its vision as well as distinction in applied sport management research. This award honors the scholarly contributions these researchers have disseminated through the ASMA conference and its official journal, the Journal of Applied Sport Management (JASM). Publication and presentation requirements must be met to apply for the award.

Publication Requirements – ASMA Research Fellow award nominees must have published at least four publications in JASM. One of the four publications must be as the lead author. To qualify for the award, all JASM publications must be in print prior to the close of the nomination deadline. Articles that are “in press” do not count toward the total number of publications.

Presentation Requirements – ASMA Applied Research Fellow award nominees must have at least five refereed presentations at the ASMA Annual Conference. Limit of 2 per conference.

To be considered for the award, eligible scholars must e-mail the following to Dr. Mar Magnusen,, by the deadline for ASMA conference research presentation proposals:

  • Name, rank and/or title, professional affiliation, and research areas
  • Contact information, including address, phone, and e-mail address
  • List of your JASM publications in APA format
  • List of your ASMA presentations in APA format

2023 ASMA Research Fellow Award Nominations are due by 11:59 p.m. on November 4th, 2022

to Dr. Mar Magnusen!

ASMA Research Fellow Award Recipients


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